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Single Channel Digital Counter
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Single Channel Digital Counter

Digital Counter accepts pulse input from potential free contact or 24VDC output of proximity sensors/ encoders etc. SDC 9648 has 8 digit display so that most of the standard counting applications are catered. Scaling facility is available to display value as per process variable. Serial port RS 485 for online communication with MODBUS RTU protocol gives facility to connect the unit on SCADA. Ideal for all types of production counting/batch applications. SDC 9648 is intended to be used for all types of counting applications like production counter, event counter, digital energy counter etc

Technical Specifications
Input Potential free contact or 24VDC level.
Display 8 digit - 0.3" Seven segment RED LED.
Relay Output 1 relay output , contact rating 230VAC, 1Amp operating on set-point .
Supply 230VAC / 110VAC, + 10 %, single phase, 50 Hz
Indications 3 mm LED indication for Relay and serial operation.
Reset Control (Optional) Remote RESET of totaliser through serial port command and / or external reset signal from potential free contact.
Power Output 24 VDC, 30 mA output for external potential free input.
Communication (Optional) On line PC connectivity through SERIAL port RS485 on MODBUS protocol - OPTIONAL.
Cabinet Panel mounting ABS Enclosure
Size - 48 x 96 x 120 mm ( H x W x D )
Cutout - 46 x 92 mm