DLP200 Channel DL - 2 - Flow Rate + Line Pressure + Totaliser

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Data logger-Flow-Pressure-DLP-200
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DLP - 200 is a sturdy and compact datalogger for flow rate, Totalizer and line pressure. DLP200 accepts mA signal proportional to flow rate from flow transmitter and line pressure from pressure transmitter.Flow Transmitter can be DPT with orifice assembly, Rotameter, Magnetic Flowmeter etc. with output of 4-20mA. DLP - 200 has RS485 port with MODBUS RTU protocol With this feature the user can monitor the data remotely to get instantaneous status of flow parameters. DLP - 200 has a special Ip65 grade weather proof enclosure, thus making it suitable for outdoor application. Facility to download data directly on Pendrive.

Technical Specifications
Input Two Nos. 4-20mA Signal Inputs for Flow and Pressure Transmitters
Display 16x2 character LCD with back light.
Totaliser 8 Digit Totaliser for flow.
Excitation 512Kbytes battery backed memory for data logging of flow, pressure, totaliser with real time (36500 readings)
Serial Port RS485 port is available with MODBUS RTU protocol for on-line SCADA connectivity.
pendrive USB Pen drive interface to transfer logged data to pen drive in just 5 seconds


230 VAC , +10 %, Single Phase, 50 Hz. Factory set
Cabinet IP65 Wall Mount with transparent cover
Size:120x200x100 (HxWxD) mm