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Serial Communication Products, Hart -RS485 Converter
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Hart - RS485 Converter

HMT-112, HART to MODBUS Converter is designed to accept HART inputs from maximum 15 slave units and convert standard variables into fixed MODBUS address registers. This is useful to accept / read exact values available for Flow, Pressure, Temperature transmitters in digital form in the control room eliminating errors in Analog input acquisition and process systems. User selectable baud rate for MODBUS Master on DIP switch is provided. LED Indications for master and slave operations for easy diagnosis.

Technical Specifications
Supply 10-28 VDC
COMMUNICATION Rs485 for Master side. HART on slave side.
COMMUNICATION SETTINGS 8 way DIP switch for baud rates from 9600,19200,38400, 57600 & station ID from 1 to 64 for MODBUS side.
NO OF SLAVES 15 HART slave units
On MODBUS RTU (Master) HMT-112 gives Floating point value of Current, Primary, Secondary, Third & forth Variables.
Engineering units for 4 variables& Device information like device ID, MFR'S code,hardware, software version etc. for HART slave units. (maximum 15).
HART slave status indication in MODBUS registers