Digital Process Indicator / Controller

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Digital Process Indicator / Controller
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Digital Process Indicator 96*96

DPC 965M is 7 segment LED, 5 digit process value with 1/2 inch Display Size.It is intended to be used for indication and control application. Digital Indicator Controller accepts commonly used signal in process industry or 0 to 10VDC or RTD Pt100. In case of other inputs we can provide appropriate converters. Serial port RS 485 with MODBUS RTU protocol gives the user facility to connect the unit on all standard SCADA and DCS. 4-20mA Retransmission output for remote display or PLC can be provided for 4-20mA input type. 2 / 4 relays outputs are available. Ideal for SCADA applications.

Technical Specifications
Input 4- 20 mA DC linear / 0 - 10VDC / RTD Pt100 3 wire
Display 7 segment LED, 5 digit process value. Display Size = 1/2"
Relay Outputs Optional 2 / 4 relay outputs, contact rating 230VAC, 1Amp operating on 2 / 4 set-points with settable hysterisis
Supply 230VAC / 110VAC , +10 %, single phase, 50 Hz
Output (Optional)
4-20 mA true Retransmission Output for remote indicator or PLC. This feature is available only for 4-20mA input
Power Supply
24 VDC,100 mA power supply is made available for the external transmitter, for 4-20mA input type only.
RS485 / RS232 port with MODBUS RTU protocol
On line PC connectivity through SERIAL port RS485 on MODBUS protocol.
Cabinet Panel mounting ABS enclosure
Size -- 96 x 96 x 120 mm ( H x W x D )
Cutout -- 92 x 92 mm