Serial Communication Products

Serial Communication Products, RS232 To RS485 Converters, RS485 Repeaters, RS485 Isolators, USB To Serial, USB To RS485, RS485 To USB, RS485 To Ethernet, RS232 To Ethernet, Modbus RTU To Modbus TCP, Protocol Converters, Modbus Gateways, HART To Modbus Indicators, HART To Modbus Converters. We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of these products & our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India

A serial communication port is a interface that provides connectivity between two intelligent instruments that exchange data in serial format, that is information transfers in one bit after other method. Most common serial communication ports are RS232 and RS485. With the invent of new, faster and efficient communication types such as USB and Ethernet, the industry felt the need of converting their legacy instruments providing serial ports to USB or Ethernet. Thus a range of converters are now developed by electronics manufacturers such as RS232 to RS485 converter, RS232 to Ethernet converter, RS485 to Ethernet converter, RS232 to USB converter, RS485 to Ethernet converter etc. The data structure in which data is exchanged over communication is called as protocol. So now Protocol converters or Gateways are also developed so as to provide connection compatibility between instruments manufactured by different manufacturers and with different communication protocols