Data Loggers

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Manufacturing Industries in various sectors require to monitor different process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, humidity, level, speed etc during manufacturing process. Conventionally they are recorded periodically in operators log book that is manually filled. This often leads to problems such as data integrity, small sample size, possibility of human error etc. To overcome these problems a microcontroller based electronic instrument that senses these process parameters through different sensors and stores in its memory with timestamp and provides output as a hardcopy or softcopy is called as DATALOGGER. Dataloggers are also referred as Data loggers, Data recorders, Data Acquisition systems or simply Loggers).

Depending on the application requirement dataloggers are single or multi-channel with specific sensor inputs or universal input and with different storage memory capacities.

The data provided by dataloggers is used for analysing and improving manufacturing processes and thus improving product quality. It is now one of the essential part of every manufacturing industry.